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Few things can bring your day to a screeching halt like a sore throat. But what if that soreness was more than just a minor inconvenience?

Strep throat, a highly contagious bacterial infection of the throat and tonsils, is more common than you might think. In fact, strep throat affects millions of people every year. While strep throat can be incredibly uncomfortable, it’s also easily treatable when caught early.

Rather than waiting days to see your doctor or spending hours in the urgent care, you can get tested for strep throat in just minutes at your local MakoRx Care Connect pharmacy.

What to Expect During
a Rapid Strep Throat Test

When you attend a MakoRx Care Connect appointment at your local pharmacy, the experience is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. After checking in for your appointment, a member of the pharmacy staff will collect a quick throat swab sample to detect the presence of strep A bacteria.

The results are ready in minutes, and a telehealth provider will review your results right away. 

If your results come back positive for strep throat, the provider will send your prescriptions right to the pharmacy, so you can pick them up before you leave and start feeling better faster.

Get Started

When you are sick, spend less time waiting and more time getting better. Your local pharmacy is the fast and easy destination for online medical visits and treatment.

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