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The common cold and sinus infections can be more than just a minor inconvenience. Symptoms like congestion, headaches, and fatigue can interfere with your daily activities and overall well-being. With MakoRx Care Connect, you don’t have to wait for relief. Get expert advice and treatment options right at your local pharmacy.

What to Expect During a Cold/Sinus Infection Appointment

When you choose MakoRx Care Connect for your cold or sinus infection concerns, you’re opting for a streamlined and efficient care process. Upon checking in at your local pharmacy, you’ll initiate a telehealth visit with a provider. During the visit you will share your symptoms, duration, and any other relevant details to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Based on your symptoms and their expertise, the telehealth provider will recommend appropriate treatments. If prescriptions are necessary, they will be added to your care plan so you can send them to the pharmacy to be filled, ensuring you leave with the right medications to address your symptoms and speed up your recovery.

Get Started

Don’t let colds or sinus infections slow you down. With MakoRx Care Connect, you have a convenient and effective solution right in your community. Trust your local pharmacy to provide the care and treatments you need to get back to feeling your best.

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