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Running low on essential medications? Can’t get an appointment with your doctor? With MakoRx Care Connect, ensure timely refills without the frustration of being without medication until you can see your regular doctor in person.

Easy Booking

No need to wait for days or weeks. Book your virtual medication refill appointment and head straight to your local pharmacy to complete a telehealth visit for a temporary refill.


Experience the efficiency of MakoRx Care Connect. Once you arrive at the pharmacy, our staff will assist you promptly to start your telehealth visit and if approved head home with medicine.

Get Started

Don’t let running out of medications disrupt your treatment. Your local pharmacy, in collaboration with MakoRx Care Connect, ensures you get your temporary refills swiftly and efficiently.

Note – medications considered controlled or have a high potential for addiction are not able to be refilled through this virtual appointment. Contact your regular doctor for a prescription for these medicine types.

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