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The beauty of changing seasons often comes with the discomfort of seasonal allergies. Sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion can disrupt your daily life, making it essential to find relief. With MakoRx Care Connect, you can address your seasonal allergy symptoms head-on, getting the care and guidance you need right at your local pharmacy.

What to Expect During a Seasonal Allergy Appointment

When you attend a MakoRx Care Connect appointment at your local pharmacy for seasonal allergies, the process is tailored for your comfort and convenience. After checking in, you will begin your telehealth visit to share your specific symptoms and any known triggers with a telehealth provider. They will offer potential treatments and management strategies tailored to your needs.

Should you require any allergy medications or prescriptions, the provider will add them to your care plan and you can choose the pharmacy to fill the medicines. This ensures you can collect any recommended treatments before you leave, arming you with the tools to tackle your allergies head-on and breathe easier.

Get Started

Don’t let seasonal allergies hold you back. With MakoRx Care Connect, your local pharmacy becomes a hub for allergy care and treatment, ensuring you breathe easier and enjoy every season to the fullest.

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