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Online Medical Visits:

Want to spend less time driving yourself or your sick kids around and more time getting well? $60 per consult

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Flu Test:

If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, the last thing you want to do is wait and see if you get worse. $50 per test

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Strep Throat Test:

Rather than waiting days to see your doctor or spending hours in the urgent care, you can get tested for strep throat in just minutes at your local MakoRx Care Connect pharmacy. $50 per test

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Seasonal Allergies:

$40 per test

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Cold/Sinus Infection:

$40 per test

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Medication Refill:

$40 per consult

The Problem with Traditional Healthcare

  1. Insurance copays and deductibles are expensive and confusing.
  2. Appointment availability is scarce and often paired with long waits in-office.
  3. After you visit the doctor, you have to take a second trip to the pharmacy for medicine.

MakoRx Care Connect is the Solution

  1. Up-front cash prices with no insurance required.
  2. Quick, one-stop visit for medical care and medicine – all at your local pharmacy.
  3. Invest in your community and support local, independent pharmacies.

How it Works

Getting the care you need is easy. Follow the simple steps below to book your appointment.

1. Book Your Services

Visit our Book Now page to schedule an appointment at your local pharmacy for a time that works for you.

2. Check In

Check in at the pharmacy using the appointment QR code that will be sent to your email address from us.

3. Staff Help

Complete your check-in with a pharmacy staff member who will perform any in-person services required.

4. Telehealth Visit

Complete your telehealth visit on the pharmacy tablet device

5. Send Prescriptions To The Pharmacy

Notified via text/email to access your medical care plan (with prescriptions if needed). Release the prescriptions to the pharmacy to fill while you wait.

6. Complete

Leave with your medicine and be on your way to feeling better.


MakoRx offers same-day testing and treatment options for a variety of ailments – all at your local pharmacy. It’s easy, and there is no insurance required!

Medical Online Visit


Flu Test


Cold/Sinus Infection


Strep Throat Test


Seasonal Allergies


Medication Refill



Book a same day appointment at a pharmacy near you.

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