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Suspicious moles and skin rashes can be concerning. MakoRx Care Connect makes it easy to get an expert opinion on the health of your skin in just 2 days without the hassle and delays of a traditional doctor’s office appointment.

What to Expect During a Dermatology Consult

When you attend a MakoRx Care Connect appointment at your local pharmacy, you can expect convenient, high-quality and timely care.

After checking in for your appointment, a member of the pharmacy staff will take images of any suspicious moles, freckles and rashes using a highly specialized smartphone-compatible dermatoscope. They’ll then upload the images through a HIPAA-secure application for the dermatologist to review.

Within 2 business days, you’ll receive your risk assessment from a board-certified provider, offering peace of mind and reducing unnecessary biopsies.

Affordable Spot Checks

Reduce unnecessary and costly visits to a specialist and save time with MakoRx Care Connect.

Each skin spot check is only $55, making it an affordable and accessible option for patients with or without insurance.

Where can I learn more about the Dermatology Consult service?
Visit Modern Ritual Health to learn more about this great service now available through local pharmacies.

Get Started

When you are sick, spend less time waiting and more time getting better. Your local pharmacy is the fast and easy destination for online medical visits and treatment.

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