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Healthcare Testing and
Treatment that Gives Back
to the Community

Powered by MakoRx Care Connect

In partnership with MakoRx Care Connect, [pharmacy name] provides same-day healthcare services and treatment all in the same place. In an effort to support our community, a portion of the proceeds from every appointment gets donated to a local school or non-profit organization.

How it Works

Getting the care you need is easy. Follow the simple steps below to book your appointment.

1. Book Your Services

Visit our Book Now page to schedule an appointment at your local pharmacy for a time that works for you.

2. Check In

Check in at the pharmacy using the appointment QR code that will be sent to your email address from us.

3. Staff Help

Complete your check-in with a pharmacy staff member who will perform any in-person services required.

4. Telehealth Visit

Start the telehealth visit emailed to you. The doctor will send any necessary prescriptions right to the pharmacy.

5. Complete

Leave with your medicine and be on your way to feeling better.


Virtual Urgent Care


Strep Throat Test


Flu Test


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to get a test or service?

No, MakoRx Complete Care is not insurance. It is a subscription-based health membership that provides cost-plus pricing, over 300 zero-cost medications, no-cost urgent care, telehealth and virtual mental health visits. These plans help eliminate the growing out-of-pocket costs patients incur even with health insurance.

What happens after I book an appointment?

  • Check your e-mail for the QR code used to check in at the pharmacy.
  • Go to the pharmacy for your appointment.
  • Scan your e-mail QR code at the tablet in the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy staff will provide instructions to complete your rapid test.
  • Wait for the result, typically within 10 to 30 minutes.
  • After your results are received, check your e-mail for the telehealth link to complete your virtual visit and get a prescription sent to the pharmacy if needed.
  • Pick up your prescription from the pharmacy (not included in the test price).
  • Start feeling better faster.

What is included in the price for a test or service?

  • Appointment-based rapid testing
  • Your test result
  • Virtual telehealth visit via an online form if you need a prescription sent to the pharmacy

Is my child old enough for services?

Telehealth visits are limited to children 4 years and older

How long will my results take?

Tests used at pharmacies are rapid tests that typically provide results within 10 to 30 minutes.

If I test positive, how do I get my prescription?

Check your e-mail for the telehealth link to complete your virtual visit and get a prescription sent to the pharmacy.

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