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MakoRx Care Connect
Education and Marketing

Welcome to our suite of marketing resources designed exclusively for our pharmacy partners. Here, you’ll find everything you need to effectively promote MakoRx Care Connect and encourage participation at your pharmacy.

Our resources are designed to be user-friendly and impactful, making your efforts as seamless as possible.

Our Partnership

At MakoRx Care Connect, we see our relationship as a way to simplify healthcare and further expand access to high-quality health services and treatment at local pharmacies.

Affiliate Program

Experience the power of community connections through our Affiliate Program. This program empowers you to foster stronger relationships with your local community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, daycares, and more. Here’s how it works:

Affiliate Sign-up:

Enlist local organizations to become affiliates through a straightforward process. Complete the form provided on this page with the affiliate’s information.

Unique Affiliate Link:

Once they sign up, each affiliate receives a unique link that they can share within their organization or the broader community.

Community Engagement and Rewards:

Each time a community member schedules an appointment at your pharmacy using the affiliate’s unique link, the affiliate organization receives $1. This offers them an easy way to raise funds while promoting better health within their community.

The MakoRx Affiliate Program not only brings your pharmacy closer to your community but also opens avenues for new customers to discover your pharmacy’s services. It’s a win-win! The more affiliates you sign up, the wider your potential reach and the greater the mutual benefits.

Pharmacy Name

Your MakoRx Care Connect Marketing Toolkit

Our robust toolkit, packed with user-friendly resources, is designed to assist you in your marketing efforts. Promoting Care Connect services at pharmacy name has never been easier.

Branded landing page

This digital hub contains all the relevant information about pharmacy name, the services it offers, and how community members can schedule appointments. You can share this unique link through emails, social media, newsletters, and more.


QR code

This convenient link to your unique MakoRx + pharmacy name booking page is perfect for physical materials, like posters and brochures. Simply print it out, and community members can scan it for a quick and easy way to book appointments.

MakoRx Care Connect Poster

Display this customizable poster on your premises or share it digitally to increase awareness of the pharmacy services offered through your partnership. It also includes your unique QR code for easy bookings.


MakoRx Care Connect Rack Card

This handy resource provides essential information about MakoRx + pharmacy name. Share it digitally or print it out to hand to your community members during events or gatherings.

Website Integration Options

Make your MakoRx Care Connect affiliate link a prominent feature on your organization’s website. Whether it’s in the hero rotation, as a module or a header bug, ensure it’s easily noticeable and accessible.

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