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Feeling Sick? Get Testing and Treatment at Goochland Pharmacy

Powered by MakoRx Care Connect

Earn Money For Your Community When
You Need Healthcare

1. Choose Your Service

No insurance required, affordable cash pricing

2. Complete Your Appointment

Conveniently at Goochland Pharmacy

3. Earn Money For Community Partners

Like schools PTAs

In partnership with MakoRx Care Connect, Goochland Pharmacy provides affordable healthcare services and treatment all in one place –no insurance required.

Choose and book your service, complete your appointment at the pharmacy, and MakoRx will donate to the community partner.

Benefits of Local Healthcare

Shop local & support small businesses in your community

Quick + Convenient

Same day appointments, walk in sick, walk out with medications if needed

Health Hub

Your local pharmacy partnered with a virtual medical team is the future of healthcare


Healthcare can be personal and friendly again, see for yourself at a small business pharmacy

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